High-end chains

At IRIS CHAINS we have been manufacturing high quality chains since 1935 for industry and all types of motorcycles from all over the world. We manufacture Roller Chains, Transport Chains and Agricultural Chains.


At IRIS CHAINS we have been manufacturing high quality roller chains for industry.


At IRIS CHAINS we have been manufacturing high quality roller chains for industry.

Iris Chains, manufacturing high performance chains since 1935 worldwide

More than 80 years of continuous reinvention, perseverance and tenacity at work, coupled with quality and research, have enabled Iris-Chains to become a benchmark in chain manufacture.

Iris Chains is a world leading developer and manufacturer of standard and special roller chains. Thanks to its long-standing technical knowledge, manufacturing know-how and highly diversified product range, Iris Chains is able to offer reliable solutions to a widespread global portfolio of markets.

Iris Chains operates in two main business sectors:

  • Industrial Chains: roller chains for standard and special industrial applications.
  • Motorcycle Chains: primary transmission chains, for motorcycle applications.

Iris Chains are made at our plant in Eibar near Bilbao (Basque Country) Spain. Iris Chains offers efficiency, speed and flexibility with regard to delivery quantities, lead times, special applications, this is why we can deliver customized chains in the best delivery time. Having the deepest technical and applications know-how concerning chains and an extensive experience on steel and plastic materials and solid in-house manufacturing capabilities permit to have a deeply understand of our client’s needs and to find appropriate solutions, delivering total quality at all times.

Due to the foregoing, the company currently exports 65% of its production to more than 35 countries worldwide, thus positioning itself as a reliable international supplier among major manufacturers and multinational groups in the industry, likewise adapting to its clients´ most demanding technical requirements.

Quality and environment

IRIS CHAINS S.L.. has been striving for more than a decade to achieve absolute quality in its processes and products, positioning the company as a reliable international supplier.

Each stage of the process, from the review of the quotation-sales order, design, purchase and receipt of materials, the supervision of suppliers and the subcontracted operations, manufacturing in all of its stages, including the final control and shipping, is reviewed and controlled in accordance with the most demanding internal procedures and specifications of the Quality and Environmental Management System under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards. Our Quality Management System is reviewed and evaluated independently by Bureau Veritas.

This accreditation confirms our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Our main objective is to satisfy the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders, ensuring high quality standards.

Industrial and quality management processes are subject to continuous revision and improvement while continuously performing internal and external audits by clients or other regulatory agencies.

In addition, in order to ensure the overall quality of the Chains and chain parts under the DIN, ISO, among others, Iris Chains has well-trained and qualified technicians and we are equipped with the most modern quality control equipment.

Finally, at Iris Chains S.L. with each request we deliver the Certificates of material, heat treatment, dimensional report as well as the evolute and profile graphics.

Iris Chains around the world

Today, Iris Chains exports its chains to the 5 continents, being the main supplier of companies in the: automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment sector.

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