Leaf chains and multi-strand chains

Leaf chains are designed to handle heavy loads. Compared to precision roller chains, leaf chains have higher strength ratings suitable for high load and high impact environments. Widely used for lifting and hoisting purposes, leaf chains are often seen on equipment such as lift trucks, boom trucks, forklifts, automobile parking towers, inter-modal container lifts and freight elevators.

The composition of the leaf chains is simple. Leaf chains are composed of stacks of link plates and pins. The outer links are press-fitted to the pins. Pins are then riveted to secure the press fit and lock the parts in position to prevent the pins from rotating. Centre links are slip-fitted to the pins. The number of link plates varies based on the chain lacing.

All chains are available in delta-tone and stainless steel construction, for outstanding corrosion resistance.


  • Many references available in stock.
  • Specific product on request.
  • Matched pairs on request for chains working in parallel.
  • Chains of any length.
  • Technical assistance.


  • Higher fatigue strength due to optimized press fit of pin and outer plate.
  • Higher tensile strength due to optimized plate strength.
  • Higher wear resistance.
  • Minimum elongation due to wear and a long service life.


  • Forklift trucks.
  • Lifting devices.
  • Machine tools.
  • Steelmaking industry.
  • Container pallet jacks-

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