Roller chains with attachments and extended pins

IRIS roller chains may be adapted for conveying duties by the addition of attachments. These conveyor chains are available with standard bent or straight type attachments on one or both sides. Many assembled chains and components are stocked for quick delivery.

Attachments for standard roller type chain and for oversize roller type chain have the same dimensions. Attachments can be spaced as desired upon request. We stock not only bent attachment plates in IRIS standard dimensions, but also in a variety of market standard dimensions.

Available in nickelled plated, delta tone and in stainless steel versions.


  • Assembled chains available in stock.
  • Corrosion-resistant versions available (nickeled Plated, delta tone, stainless steel)
  • Matched pairs on request for chains working in parallel.
  • Spaced as desired upon request.
  • Chains of any length.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Rapid Service
  • Variety of market standard Dimensions

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