Corrosion resistant chains

The variety of model of stainless steel chains, are reliable, fatigue and corrosion-resistant, and they are ideal for use in applications involving food and beverage industry. For permanent corrosion resistance, a sufficient regular lubrication is necessary. All kind of special solutions are available under request. Tensile strength is approximately 65 % that of standard carbon steel in 304 and 306 Series. In 631 Series the tensile strength increases until 90 % of the standard carbon steel.


  • Many references available in stock.
  • Standard attachments chains in 48H.
  • Specific product on request.
  • Matched pairs on request for chains working in parallel
  • Chains of any length.
  • Various special lubricants available.
  • Technical assistance.


  • Required in corrosive environments( presence of chemical agents as alkalics and acids).
  • Temperature below freezing point and high temperature applications.
  • SS chains have lower mechanical characteristics than carbon steel.
  • Cost much higher.
  • For middle corrosive environments, Deal Seal and nickel plated might be a more adequate solution.



304 SS series are made completely of 304 stainless steel (austenitic non-magnetic steel). SS Series has an excellent resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes. These steel can withstand operating temperatures up to 400º, with special lubrication without problems. It´s non-magnetic, although some permeability can be found.


SS series are made completely of 316 stainless steel. It is the most corrosion resistant standard stainless steel chain. It has also the highest resistance to temperature extremes. The load capacity is equal to 304 SS. It’s our non-magnetic chains, because its extremely low magnetic permeability.


AISI 600 hardened by precipitation(PH) stainless steel are used in particular on rounded parts( pins, rollers and bushing). Link plates are made of 304 stainless steel. AISI 600 is an excellent choice for drives requiring both corrosion resistance and high mechanical resistance. Magnetic steels.


It is made of moulded engineered plastic with 304 stainles steel pin links. This combination effectively incorporates the advantages of both materials into one chain. It has a superior wear life, excellent corrosion resistance, and requires no lubrication. This design provides a lightweight, quiet chain for economical solutions to difficult applications problems.

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