Standard roller chains

IRIS Standard precision roller chains are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed ISO, DIN, ANSI and BS requirements. Commonly found in a variety of industrial drive systems, IRIS chains are engineered and built for high performance even in the toughest applications, ensuring a long service life.

IRIS conveyor chains offer the user the benefits of parallel and synchronous running, extremely precise positioning, quiet running and significantly higher breaking resistance than the norm. As a result, downtime is minimised and there is a significant reduction of the operating costs.

Our standard lubrication ensures resistance to a temperature range from -5º C to +120º C: a particular lube can be applied upon request for applications with temperatures from -30 ºC to 250 ºC.


  • Many references available in stock
  • Specific product on request
  • Matched pairs on request for chains working in parallel
  • Chains of any length
  • Technical assistance
  • Initial treatment with standard lubrication for higher resistance
  • Special lubrication at request for  extreme temperature conditions


  • All IRIS Standard roller chains meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 606.
  • Initial stretching contributes to a higher fatigue strenght.
  • All components are heat-treated according to their size and application.
  • Precision-formed plates feature shot peening for higher resistance.
  • Pins’ surface is smooth and wear-resistant.
  • Bushes are geometrically cylindrical.
  • Special initial lubricant is applied to increase resistance.

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