Trayectoria Iris Chains


Iris-Chains was founded in 1935 by V. Echeverria and Willy Bohnm in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain. At first the company specialised in the manufacture of bicycle chains. In order to diversify, it developed its activity making special chains for small motorbikes. At the same time, the company was conquering the industrial sector with roller chains.

Today, Iris-Chains exports its chains to the 5 continents, being the main supplier of companies in the: automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment sector.

Perseverance and tenacity at work, coupled with quality and research have allowed, after more than 80 years of continuous reinvention, Iris-Chains to become a benchmark in chain manufacture. Iris-Chains manufactures chains adapted to each situation and each customer and with the maximum performance.

Each product that leaves our company meets the highest quality requirements.

Its development model is a long-term project and is defined as an uninterrupted dynamic of external growth operations alongside the development of its wide range of products.

The company continues manufacturing in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain, from where its chains are distributed to original equipment manufacturers and to end users around the world.

Misión y valores Iris Chains

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