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Pin oven chains

Pin oven chains

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Pin oven chains from Iris Chains are manufactured to work with cans, tubes and other thin wall items that are processed at high speeds and temperatures.

These types of chains maximise the pitch capability even under demanding conditions, thanks to its resistance to wear and the design characteristics of the pins, which minimise stoppage times for maintenance.


  • Various products available in stock.
  • Specific products upon request.
  • Length of the pins determined upon request by the customer.
  • Distance between pins determined upon request by the customer.
  • Chains of any length.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Includes special lubricant for high temperatures.

Worth noting

  • The chain with a solid base and thermally treated, wear resistant components, guarantee a long service life.
  • The pins are manufactured using corrosion resistant steel that provides excellent elasticity.
  • Perfectly fitted pins allow to properly position the elements, even at the fastest speed as well as simplifies the operation in terms of removing the elements.
  • The pins, mounted on solid extended bushings and secured with bolts, are easy to change in place, which minimises the system stoppage time.
  • The initial elongation is reduced by conducting a pre-tensioning test with an optimum load.

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