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Roller chains with U attachments

Roller chains with U attachments

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Roller chains with U shaped plate attachments from Iris Chains are equipped with rubber bearings that allow conveying products without damaging their surface. These are commonly used in industries and activities where wood, glass or ceramics are processed.

Vulcanised rubber bearings can be supplied with different grades of hardness depending on the resistance to corrosion and softness required by the application. Profiles for special applications can be supplied upon request by the customer. We also have SNAP-ON accessories available in different sizes.

Chains with rubber profiles can be used in different environments by changing the material of the bearings. Vulcanised rubber profiles are resistant to corrosion and their stiffness is between 75 and 85. They can operate in temperatures up to 80º C. The size of the chain is compatible with standard size sprockets.

Chains of other sizes and materials can also be supplied. At Iris Chains we produce multiple chains, including sextuple chains for special applications.


  • Various products available in stock.
  • Special chains available upon request by the customer.
  • Pairing of chains upon request.
  • Chains of any length.
  • Technical assistance.
  • O'RING available upon request by the customer.

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