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About us

We have been manufacturing high quality chains around the world since 1935

More than 87 years of reinvention and continuous evolution has helped Iris Chains become a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer in the industrial chains and motorcycle chains sector.

Iris chains are high quality products that are manufactured at the plant of Eibar (Basque Country), Spain, from where they are exported to more than 55 countries spanning all five continents.

Iris Chains is able to offer trustworthy solutions to an extensive global portfolio of markets thanks to our extensive experience, great technical know-how and a diversified catalogue in two sectors: The manufacturing of industrial chains and motorcycle chains, with a wide variety of chains in each segment.

  • Since 1935

    committed to continuous improvement

  • 55 countries

    to which we export our chains

  • + 7685

    chain models

Our values have become a benchmark in the sector


We are highly proactive professionals, motivated and passionate about chain manufacturing and everything we do.


We work hard every day to reach the highest quality standards in the products we offer our customers.


Be believe in teamwork, because we know that at Iris Chains, all components are important and we are stronger together.


We are a team of people committed with our company, co-workers, customers and suppliers as well as society.


We think that our words, actions and behaviour matter, which is why we strive to always work ethically.

Equal opportunity

We firmly believe in equal opportunity for all, which is why we decidedly support values like diversity, tolerance and inclusion.


We are bearers of a tradition in the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of roller chains dating back to the 20th century. Our commitment is to offer products and services adapted to the deadlines and technical requirements of our customers, creating value for all the interest groups we work closely with.


Achieve sustainable growth based on the profitability and continuous improvement of our products and services. To be recognised for our ability to get the job done and strengthening the relationship with our customers. All with the aim of consolidating our position as a global supplier of Iris Chains’ industrial and motorcycle chains.

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