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Double pitch chains

Double pitch chains

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Double pitch chains from Iris Chains are of the same size and specifications as the standard European and American chains ISO 606, except for the length of the pitch, which measures exactly double the standard equivalent.

Double pitch chains provide a low cost solution for applications where distances are greater and less speed and transmission power are required. Double pitch chains allow adjusting the rollers, considerably reducing the friction and tensile strength in many applications.

These chains are also a lighter weight and lower cost option, as they are made with less material, although they are manufactured with the same level of quality and precision as in single pitch chains.

Iris Chains produces transmission and conveyor chains, with the latter made of straight mesh. Standard American chains include versions with different size rollers. Also, they can be manufactured with thicker or thinner plates.


  • Various products available in stock.
  • Corrosion resistant versions are available (delta tone, stainless steel).
  • Special chains available upon request by the customer (for example, rollers with larger diameter).
  • Pairing of chains upon request.
  • Chains of any length.

Worth noting

  • The sizes are in accordance with ISO 1275.
  • The optimised adjustment of the pin and outer plate provide greater fatigue strength.
  • The optimised robustness of the plate results in a greater tensile strength.
  • The tensile strength is reduced up to 20% if the angled pins are adjusted.
  • Greater resistance to corrosion.
  • The elongation caused by wear is minimum, which extends its service life.
  • Maximum speed of rotation of the small sprocket: 500 RPM.

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