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From raw material to finished product

Discover the secrets behind the manufacture of our chains

Manufacturing an industrial chain is a complex process that involves several important steps to ensure the quality and durability of the final product. At Iris Chains, we focus on ensuring the quality of our chains to provide the best performance for our customers. Below we explain the manufacturing steps of our industrial chains and how we ensure that they meet the highest standards.


  1. Drawing the plan. The first step is to design the chain plan and the component plan. To make the component drawing, we would have to take into account the clearance, the material and the treatment to be given to the product.
  2. Place the purchase order for the components. The next step would be to place an order to purchase the components we need. This step is mandatory if we manufacture internally or externally. For in-house manufacturing, if necessary, more material is ordered to start manufacturing.
  3. Component manufacturing processes. The components have to go through different internal manufacturing processes: pins, sheaves, sheaths… When they are finished with these processes, they are sent to the lathes to be hardened, tempered, polished or shot-blasted. In some cases, depending on the material, they are also sent for cementing. If the components come from outside, such as fins and links, they are annealed for reaming (i.e. to give the final size of the hole).
  4. Hardening and tempering: after forging, plates and pins undergo a hardening and tempering process to further improve the strength and durability of the chain. This process involves heating the chain to high temperatures and then cooling it rapidly to harden it, followed by a slower heating process to reduce brittleness.
  5. Testing and verification. Our lathe foreman then performs quality control to ensure that the lathes are functioning properly and that they meet all the requirements for a quality product.
  6. Assembly of the chain. Once we have all the components ready and all the quality tests have been passed, we will proceed to assemble the chain. To check that the design of the chain is correct, we first assemble a sample. If the result of the assembly is satisfactory, we will start with the assembly of the whole chain.
  7. Packaging and shipping. Once the quality of the chain has been checked, it is packed and shipped to the customer. The chain is shipped in sturdy boxes to ensure that it reaches the customer in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time.

At Iris Chains, we pride ourselves on our dedication and professionalism in manufacturing high performance chains. In the following video, you can see how some of the steps mentioned in the manufacturing process of our chains are carried out. If you are looking for an industrial chain, do not hesitate to contact us. Iris Chains always try to guarantee the quality of our chains to provide the best performance to our customers.