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Get to know the industrial chains III

Welcome to the third post of “Get to know industrial chains”! Today’s post is about roller chains with sharp top plates. After talking in depth about accumulation chains, today we will also talk about another type of adapted chain. Through this post you will learn more about this type of chain, normally used in the timber and sawmill sector.

IRIS CHAINS offers chains with different teeth sizes for various applications in woodworking, sawmills and paper mills, among other uses in the industry. Depending on the size and grip of the teeth, there are roller chains with optimum sawtooth and roller chains for sawmills.

When it comes to roller chains for sawmills, IRIS CHAINS offers a complete range within this product range, including wood sorting and edgers. Our designs guarantee a better grip, with greater load uniformity and resistance to wear and sawdust, which promotes productivity and minimises downtime.

IRIS CHAINS offers a wide range of saw tooth roller chains. You can choose the number of teeth per pitch and the type suitable for your industry. In addition, single, double or triple chains are also available to suit different industries.

In addition, IRIS CHAINS has also provided and is willing to provide tailor-made solutions for specific applications, with additional saw tooth shapes. IRIS CHAINS tries to offer customised solutions to its customers, in order to offer the widest possible complete range of chains.

If you would like to know more about roller chains with sharp top plates, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can request information about this chain and we will get in touch with you to solve your query. See you next time!

Get to know the industrial chains III