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Getting to know… Celeste

Welcome to the first post of “Getting to know…”! This new section will allow you to meet some of the members of the Iris Chains family, whose work is indispensable to the smooth running of the company, even if they are not visible to the majority of the public. We are excited to introduce you to our team, who contribute to making Iris Chains a successful and dynamic company. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to meet some of the people behind our day-to-day operations.

The first guest of “Getting to know…” is Celeste

Hi Celeste, from 1 to 10, how much are you looking forward to the interview?


What is your position in the company and what is your role in the team?

I am a Controller at Iris Chains, leading and managing the data analytics and statistics area in my team. My role focuses on guaranteeing the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, ensuring the accuracy and quality of the data. In addition, my mission as an analytics manager is to optimise resources and strategies to achieve the team’s objectives.

What skills do you think are essential for your job?

In my opinion, for my current position as for any other, attitude is a fundamental aspect of doing any job. A positive disposition, the ability to adapt to changing situations and the willingness to face challenges are qualities that contribute significantly to success in any task.

In addition, in my current role as a data management expert, I emphasise the importance of possessing technical skills, such as the ability to use tools like Excel fluently and accurately, as well as the ability to observe and analyse details carefully. It is also essential to constantly look for opportunities to improve and optimise day-to-day processes and methodologies, and to always be willing to collaborate as a team to achieve the proposed objectives.

What is your favorite place to travel to?

My favourite place is Colombia. I had the opportunity to travel around this country last summer. During my stay, I explored different regions of the country, which allowed me to experience the beauty of its nature and the richness of its culture. In addition, the kindness and hospitality of its people made my experience even more memorable.

All in all, Colombia has become my favourite place thanks to the unforgettable experience I had during my trip. The cultural diversity, the impressive nature and the warmth of its people made my stay in the country unique and very special.

Which animal do you identify with?

I identify myself with a koala. Mainly because I am a calm and cheerful person. I always try to transmit these feelings to my environment. Besides, I love nature and animals.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your work and how did you overcome it?

In my opinion, the preparation of the closing and balance sheet are tasks that demand a high level of attention and accuracy. This process involves the ability to thoroughly analyse and evaluate the organisation’s financial information, and to understand the complexity of applicable laws and regulations.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favourite hobby is surfing. I go surfing every Saturday in Zarautz. It’s an activity that allows me to disconnect and enjoy the contact with nature. I love to feel the sea, the wind and the freedom that surfing gives me.

Celeste’s favourite food is…

Pasta! It is a dish that I love in all its forms. It is very typical of my homeland, Argentina. Besides, I also have Italian roots. I think that explains my love for pasta. I enjoy exploring different types of pasta and combining it with a variety of sauces and dressings.

What would you like us to ask the next interviewee?

Good question! My question for the next person is: What is your horoscope sign?

We hope you got to know Celeste better with these questions. We will continue to introduce more members of the Iris Chains team soon.

See you next time!