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Iris Chains: the key to success in the high-performance chain industry

  • Do you want to know the secret that has made us leaders for more than 80 years?
  • Our new brand image reflects Iris Chains’ commitment to quality and innovation.

With a new year comes new hopes and new resolutions. So we are proud to announce that we have started the year with a makeover to reflect our continued commitment to quality and innovation. With these changes and many more, we want to bring you an improved browsing experience on Iris Chains.

Our new brand image reflects our focus on technology and excellence in the design and manufacture of high performance roller chains. We have a wide range of standard, customised and special chains, all of which are made to measure.

The Chilean writer Luis Sepúlveda once stressed the importance of “knowing the past to understand the present and imagine the future”. That is why we would like to share with you the milestones that have led us to be leaders in the high performance chain industry for more than 80 years.

¿Where do we come from?

In 1935, D.V. Echeverria and Willy Bohnm decided to found Iris Chains in Eibar (Guipuzcoa, Spain). During the first years at Iris we started specialising in the manufacture of bicycle chains.

However, as Iris grew, new products were developed and added to its portfolio, such as special chains for small motorbikes. At the same time, the company conquered the industrial sector with its roller chains.

Where are we?

Our growth has been possible thanks to investment in new technologies, processes and our continuous commitment to innovation. Iris Chains currently supplies to 5 continents. We are one of the main suppliers of roller chains to companies in the automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment sectors.

The products we develop leave our company with the highest quality standards. The development model is long-term and is defined as an uninterrupted process of external growth operations with a development of the Iris product range.

What is our secret to survive more than 80 years?

Iris’ long history is undoubtedly the result of perseverance. The secret of the company’s success lies in a combination of factors. We like to say that our chains are chameleon-like: they fit into any environment and have the ability to adapt to changes, always offering a quality product in line with customer requirements.

What are we getting at?

The company has always looked to the future, seeking new ways to improve its products, broaden the scope of its offerings and diversify.

As reflected in our vision, we want to achieve sustainable growth based on profitability and continuous improvement of our products and services, which will give us the opportunity to be recognised for our ability to deliver and strengthen trust with our customers. All this in order to consolidate our position as a global supplier of industrial and motorcycle chains.

Would you like to discover all the advantages that Iris Chains can offer you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.