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X'RING Black chain

X’RING Black chain


The Black X’RING chain is characterised for its strength and light weight as well as its sealed self-lubrication, which allows for permanent lubrication between the sheath and the pin, making it durable in all situations, both on the road as well as off-road applications. The X’RING chain for motorcycles has an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

The X’RING seal of this iris chain provides a useful service life and resistance to wear that is 7 times longer than that of the O’RING seal.


  • Sport
  • Sport Touring
  • Special Enduro

Inner and outer link in the colour black.

Gráfico de cadena X'RING
Embalaje de cadena para moto X'RING Black
Cadena para moto X'RING Black

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