Pusher Chains

In the industrial world, efficiency and precision are key to success. Pusher chains from Iris Chains are the ideal solution to optimise your conveying processes, providing reliable and versatile performance.

What are pusher chains?

Pusher chains, also known as conveyor chains, are a type of chain designed to move products or materials along a defined path. Their operation is based on the pusher principle, where the products move over the surface of the chain.

Why choose Iris Chains pusher chains?

Iris Chains are distinguished by their many advantages:

  • Versatility: They adapt to a wide range of applications, from conveying light products to heavy materials.
  • Efficiency: They optimise workflow, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.
  • Accuracy: They ensure smooth and controlled movement of products, minimising damage and loss.
  • Durability: Manufactured with high quality materials, they offer long life and low maintenance.
  • Customisation: Can be tailored to specific customer needs, with options for size, material, configuration and accessories.

Iris Chains Pusher chains find application in a variety of industry sectors, including:

  • Food packaging: Transport of food products in production lines.
  • Beverage production: Moving bottles and cans in filling and labelling processes.
  • Automotive: Transport of parts and components in assembly lines.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Handling of drugs and pharmaceuticals in controlled environments.
  • Cosmetics: Moving cosmetic products on production lines.
  • Logistics: Transportation of packages and goods in distribution centres.

Iris Chains: Your trusted supplier for transport solutions

With extensive experience in the design and manufacture of pusher chains, Iris Chains has become a trusted supplier to companies all over the world.

If you are looking to optimise your conveying processes and improve the efficiency of your business, Iris Chains pusher chains are the ideal solution.

Request a personalised consultation today and find out how Iris Chains can help you boost your productivity.