Side Bow Chains: Innovation in Industrial Transport


Side Bow Chains: Innovation In Industrial transport

Side Bow chains are essential for conveyor systems that require movement in multiple directions, optimising space and efficiency in sectors such as manufacturing, food and distribution

Key Features:

-Flexibility and Design:

They allow turns and changes of direction thanks to increased clearance between the pin and bush, facilitating movements at tight angles. Guides are required on all turns to maintain accuracy of movement.

-Materials and Construction:

Manufactured from steel, stainless steel and high strength plastics, adapting to various operational needs and environments.

Common Applications:

-Food and Beverage Industry: Transport of bottles, cans and products in curved production lines.

-Warehouses and Distribution Centres: Efficient movement of goods in sorting and distribution systems.

-Assembly Lines in Manufacturing: Movement of parts and components through different stages of assembly.


-Space Optimisation:

Compact and efficient design for plants with space constraints.

-Cost Reduction:

Reduced need for multiple systems and additional components.


Adaptable to various industrial configurations and systems.

Side Bow Chains from Iris Chains:

Iris Chains convey materials on curved conveyors efficiently. The increased clearance between the pin and bushing allows turns at tight angles. Iris Chains offers customised options such as curved flights, plastic conveyor flights and protruding shafts, as well as special lubricants and coatings according to customer requirements.

Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Industry:

At Iris Chains, we understand the unique demands of your business and are here to offer you the best material conveying solutions. Our Side Bow chains are designed with the flexibility, durability and efficiency your operation needs. Whether you are optimising a food production plant, improving logistics in your warehouse or perfecting your assembly line, our chains guarantee superior performance.

Why choose Iris Chains?

-Innovation in Motion: With our customised designs, your company can quickly adapt to changes and improve accuracy at every turn.

-Premium Materials: We guarantee strength and durability, ensuring a long service life and an excellent return on investment.

-Guaranteed Versatility: Our solutions fit a wide range of applications, allowing you to simplify processes and reduce operating costs.

Don’t wait any longer to optimise your transport system. Contact our experts today and find out how Iris Chains can transform your operational efficiency.