Iris-Chains participates in the “Ekosarea” conference

In Iris-Chains, sustainability is a fundamental value that permeates all areas of our company. For this reason, we attended the conference “Sustainability as a factor of competitiveness of SMEs in Eibar”, organized by the City Council of Eibar, where we were awarded a diploma for participating in the “Ekosarea” program.

An inspiring meeting to share experiences and knowledge

The conference brought together 18 companies from Eibar committed to sustainability, becoming a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge of great value. The results of the Eibarko Industrien Ekosarea project, a pioneering initiative that has promoted the adoption of sustainable practices in the industrial fabric of Eibar, were analyzed. In our case, we developed a carbon footprint measurement based on which we have developed actions to reduce our environmental impact.

Resources and opportunities to meet the sustainability challenge
In addition, the resources and tools offered by the EVE (Basque Energy Agency) to help companies comply with the Energy Transition and Climate Change Law were presented. It was highlighted that while the law presents obligations, it also offers a unique opportunity to boost the competitiveness of companies and encourage innovation in the sector.

An enriching event with top-level speakers. The event was attended by leading speakers:

  • Josune Gutierrez (CEO of Margube)
  • Vanesa Hortas (Eibarko Udala)
  • Luis de Velasco Perez (EVE Grants Area)
  • Aitziber Cortazar Altuna (Debegesa)
  • Jon Iraola (Eibarko Udala)

Iris-Chains: committed to sustainability
At Iris-Chains, we are convinced that sustainability is a key factor for the future of the industry. Therefore, we will continue to actively participate in this type of events, promoting projects and solutions that promote a more responsible and efficient industrial model.